Corona Virus and Residential Construction: Business – Not As Usual – The Park in Garden Heights, Red Deer, Alberta

Corona Virus and Residential Construction: Business – Not As Usual

Passing the Time During Self-Isolation
March 30, 2020
The Spring Melt
April 7, 2020

At present Avalon and The Park in Garden Heights are still conducting business…sort of.

Our showhomes have been closed the last couple of weeks except by appointment only and will remain so for the foreseeable future. By appointment only still has some stipulations such as confirmation of recent travel, symptoms, or other risk factors. Additionally, appointments will only be conducted with one client group at a time, and a minimum distance will be maintained between our sales personnel and our prospective clients. We are providing hand sanitizer for both before and after the showhome tour and we have had both showhomes sanitized from top to bottom.

Our staff are all currently able to perform most duties from home via the magic of the internet and have all been strictly adhering to social distancing measures with only essential travel and shopping over the last couple weeks.

We have substantially modified how we are scheduling homes under construction homes for completion. At present, we have a building that is coming up to the end of framing, and the framing crew has been reduced to a skeleton crew of 3-4 carpenters with strict adherence to social distancing and tool sanitization measures. This does mean that the building will not be completed as fast as it would normally, as we strive to protect our trades, staff and clients.

Upon completion of framing we are scheduling all trades one person/crew at a time, with a maximum of two person crews, and where possible utilizing crews composed of spouses or other co-habitants. Fortunately, in residential construction these arrangements are quite common, so we are able to keep most crews working without putting anyone at risk. Again, this isn’t the most efficient way to schedule home construction and will further lengthen the completion date of the homes, but we feel it is the most prudent way to proceed until further notice or instruction.

As for the service and warranty work for our clients have already moved into our community, at this time we are asking that everyone limit their requests to essential services and emergencies, such as natural gas concerns, no heat calls, major plumbing issues, etc. We encourage everyone to keep us appraised of other service & warranty related concerns during this period with the understanding that we won’t be booking that type of work to be completed in the near future. If essential or emergency service is requested we ask that our homeowners comply with whatever the current policy is of the service provider that is arranged- as that is a somewhat moving target with new information being released daily.

We did initially plan on having a large garage sale in the late spring to liquidate some various extra showhome furniture, accessories and construction equipment, but that has been indefinitely postponed, and will likely happen in the late summer or early fall, depending on the course of events.

Stay safe & continue to Help Prevent the Spread.

For more information on our health and safety precautions, move-in ready townhomes or to schedule a private appointment to view our showhomes, please call Kevin at 403-588-2392.