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Keeping Your Furry Friends Safe and Happy This Summer

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April 24, 2023

As the temperature rises and the sun shines brighter, summer brings with it a sense of adventure and excitement. It’s the perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities with our beloved pets. However, it’s important to remember that our furry friends have unique needs during the summer months. In this blog post, we will explore some essential dos and don’ts to ensure the well-being of your pets during this season.


Hydration is Key:

Hot weather can quickly lead to dehydration in both humans and pets. Ensure that your pets have access to fresh, clean water always, both indoors and outdoors. Consider investing in a portable water dispenser to carry with you during walks or outings.

Protect Those Paws:

The scorching pavement can cause painful burns on your pet’s paw pads. Avoid walking your pets on hot surfaces during peak hours and opt for early morning or late evening walks when the ground is cooler. Alternatively, invest in pet booties or use paw balms to provide additional protection.

Provide Shade and Fresh Air:

Pets need a cool and shaded spot to rest and relax. Create a comfortable space for them by setting up a shaded area in your backyard or using a pet-friendly sunshade during outdoor activities. Ensure proper ventilation indoors to maintain a comfortable temperature for your pets.

Apply Sunscreen:

Yes, pets can get sunburned too! Speak to your veterinarian about pet-friendly sunscreen and apply it to your pet’s exposed areas, such as the nose, ears, and belly. This is especially crucial for pets with light-coloured fur or thin coats.


Never Leave Pets in a Hot Car:

Temperatures inside a parked car can skyrocket within minutes, even with the windows slightly open. Never leave your pet unattended in a vehicle, as it can lead to heatstroke or even death. If you need to run errands, leave your furry friend at home in a cool, well-ventilated space.

Avoid Overexertion:

While exercise is essential for pets, too much physical activity in extreme heat can be dangerous. Limit rigorous exercise sessions to cooler parts of the day and provide plenty of water breaks. Watch for signs of overheating, such as excessive panting, drooling, or lethargy, and take immediate action if you notice any symptoms.

Say No to Harmful Chemicals:

During summer, gardens and parks are often treated with fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals that can be toxic to pets. Keep your pets away from treated areas and be cautious during walks, ensuring they don’t ingest any harmful substances. Consider using pet-safe alternatives in your own outdoor spaces.

The Park in Garden Heights: A Pet Friendly Community

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly community, look no further than The Park in Garden Heights. Nestled in a serene environment, close to walking trails and pathways. Embrace the summer season while keeping your pets happy, healthy, and safe!


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